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Bayer, J; Prassl, AJ; Pashaei, A; Gomez, JF; Frontera, A; Neic, A; Plank, G; Vigmond, EJ.
Universal ventricular coordinates: A generic framework for describing position within the heart and transferring data.
Med Image Anal. 2018; 45:83-93 [OPEN ACCESS]
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Neic Aurel-Vasile
Plank Gernot
Prassl Anton J.

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Plum Analytics:
Being able to map a particular set of cardiac ventricles to a generic topologically equivalent representation has many applications, including facilitating comparison of different hearts, as well as mapping quantities and structures of interest between them. In this paper we describe Universal Ventricular Coordinates (UVC), which can be used to describe position within any biventricular heart. UVC comprise four unique coordinates that we have chosen to be intuitive, well defined, and relevant for physiological descriptions. We describe how to determine these coordinates for any volumetric mesh by illustrating how to properly assign boundary conditions and utilize solutions to Laplace's equation. Using UVC, we transferred scalar, vector, and tensor data between four unstructured ventricular meshes from three different species. Performing the mappings was very fast, on the order of a few minutes, since mesh nodes were searched in a KD tree. Distance errors in mapping mesh nodes back and forth between meshes were less than the size of an element. Analytically derived fiber directions were also mapped across meshes and compared, showing  < 5° difference over most of the ventricles. The ability to transfer gradients was also demonstrated. Topologically variable structures, like papillary muscles, required further definition outside of the UVC framework. In conclusion, UVC can aid in transferring many types of data between different biventricular geometries. Copyright © 2018 The Author(s). Published by Elsevier B.V. All rights reserved.

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