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Effect of environmental enrichment on emotional behaviour and the gut-brain axis in mice: refinement and indirect reduction of animal experiments

In summary, this project sets out to investigate the impact of environmental enrichment on the emotional behaviour of the animals, the activity of the hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal axis, the expression of gastrointestinal inflammation and the activity of the gut-brain axis under conditions of gastrointestinal inflammation. The overall aim of the work is to optimize the housing conditions both for the sake of animal welfare and experimental standardization. This goal represents an important way to refine animal experimentation and thereby to reduce the number of animal experiments.
Holzer Peter
Art der Forschung
Holzer P., Projektleiter*in
Singewald E., Projektmitarbeiter*in
Eichholzer M., Projektmitarbeiter*in
Beteiligte MUG-Organisationseinheiten
Lehrstuhl für Pharmakologie
Gefördert durch
Bundesministerium für Wissenschaft und Forschung (bmwf), Minoritenplatz 5, 1014 Wien, Österreich
Publizierte Projektergebnisse
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