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Sen.Scientist Michaela Tanja Haindl, BSc MSc
Division of General Neurology
EMail: michaela.haindl(at)
Tel: +43/316/385/86862

Curr. Vitae

2016 -2019 PhD Program molecular medicine and inflammation; Medical University of Graz
2013 -2015 Master of Science in Biochemistry and molecular Biomedicine; University of Technology, Graz
2010 -2013 Bachelor of Science in Molecular Biology; University of Technology, Graz


2019 Forschungsförderpreis des Landes Steiermark für die Publikation "Widespread cortical demyelination of both hemispheres can be induced by injection of pro-inflammatory cytokines via an implanted catheter in the cortex of MOG-immunized rats."
2018 INGE-ST Forschungspreis für die Publikation "The formation of a glial scar does not prohibit remyelination in an animal model of multiple sclerosis."
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