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Scientific Expertise

Curr. Vitae

2019 Clinical and molecular pathologist
2019 -2019 Study visit at the Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine, Miller School of Medicine, University of Miami, Miami, FL, USA (Bone and soft tissue pathology)
2015 -2019 CBmed Center for Biomarker Research in Medicine: MR-PDX models for the evaluation of cancer therapies; Project Leader
2013 -2019 Resident in Pathology, Institute of Pathology, Medical University of Graz.
2013 -2013 EU FP7 project RD-connect: An integrated platform connecting registries, biobanks and clinical bioinformatics for rare disease research - research assistent
2013 -2014 European Standards Organisation CEN, TC140/WG 3, working group "Quality Management in the medical laboratory"
2012 -2014 HTI:SMApp project "Diagnostics of tumorheterogeneity in colon cancer" supported by the province of Styria - research assistent
2008 -2013 Project Manager/Scientist for the EU FP7 project SPIDIA.
2008 -2008 Co-worker of the Biobank, Medical University of Graz.
2008 Doctor of Medicine degree awarded by the Medical University of Graz.
2008 -2008 Co-worker of CRIP - Central infrastructure for biomedical research involving human tissue repositories, in collaboration with the Fraunhofer Institute for Biomedical Engineering (IBMT, Germany).
2008 -2013 Postdoc at the Institute of Pathology, Medical University of Graz.
2007 -2007 Clinical elective at the Department of Emergency Medicine, George Washington University, Washington, D.C., USA.
2006 -2006 Internship at the University Medical Center Groningen, The Netherlands.
2006 -2008 Project assistant "Genome-Austria Tissue Bank" (GATiB) - Genome Research Austria, Institute of Pathology Graz.


2010 Dr. Hans Riegel Fachpreis für Biologie (3. Platz) der Dr. Hans Riegel Stiftung - Betreuer der Arbeit "RNA Structure, Function & Analysis of Tissues" im Rahmen der SummerSchool des österr. Genomforschungsprogramms GEN-AU.

Appointments/Memberships in Professional Societies

2017 -2020 Österreichische Gesellschaft für Zytologie
2013 -2020 Österreichische Gesellschaft für Pathologie

Reviewer/Expert funding organizations

2015 -2015 Jubiläumsfonds der Österreichischen Nationalbank (ÖNB) - Austria

Organizer of scientific conferences, Chairs

2012 EU FP7 Project SPIDIA Biannual Meeting, 08.-12.10.2012, Graz, Austria
2012 SPIDIA open workshop "Standardisation of Sample Pre-Analytics for Molecular Diagnostics and Biomarker Development", 10.10.2012, Graz, Austria
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