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Ing. Dr.rer.nat. Christian Josef Hill, BA MA
Division of Medical Physics and Biophysics
EMail: christian.hill(at)
Tel: +43/316/385/71696

Fields of expertise

Statistik Austria, science classification

Curr. Vitae

2020 Founder of the University Spin Off: BRAVE Analytics GmbH process sensors for realtime online (nano)particle characterization
2019 -2020 Fellow of the Austrian Research Promotion Agency | FFG: LightMatters - Labdevice for optofluidic (nano)particle characterization
2018 -2019 Postdoc, Gottfried Schatz Research Center for Cell Signaling, Metabolism & Aging / Biophysics
2014 -2014 Visiting Researcher: Instituto Officina dei Materiali’ (IOM) of the Italian National Research Council (CNR), Optical Manipulation working group, Dan COJOC, PhD
2013 -2018 University of Graz PhD program, Institute for Physical Chemistry Topic: Advancements through photon momentum transfer in Characterisation and Manipulation of nano to microsized objects
2006 -2013 University of Graz, Environmental and Systemsscience, Institute of Physical & Theoretical Chemistry, Molecular Characteristics, Thesis: “Towards Low-Carbon Society: Optimization of Polymer- and Colloid- Characterization for Enhanced Utilization of Biomass”
2002 -2010 Anton Paar GmbH Graz, Austria - Technical project manager, department for analytical and synthetical chemistry - Researching microwave tissue processing designs and initiating experimental projects - Project management from microwave tissue product’s development to mass production


2020 Phönix 2020 Österreichischer Gründerpreis Nominierung, Austria Wirtschafts Service (aws), Kategorie SpinOff
2019 aws Best of Biotech Award (International Biotech & Medtech Business Plan Competition, Winner biotech/pharma early track)
2018 Reisestipendium/Travel Grand Erwin Schrödinger Society for Nanosciences
2017 Fast Forward Award 2017 (Innovation Price from Styrian Business Promotion Agency SFG)
2014 Reise Stipendium des Landes Steiermark
2013 3rd Place Overall and Award for Best Karl-Franzens University Submission at Science Park Graz “Ideas and Innovation” Competition
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