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Full papers/articles (Journal)

** Langmann, G; Wohlfart, C; Maier, R; Wagner, J; Bauer, H; Klug, U; Hodl, R; Wedrich, A EFQM project of the Department of Ophthalmology as part of the recertification C2E: management of patients without an appointment
SPEKTRUM AUGENHEILKD. 2011; 25(6): 357-363.
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Full papers/articles (Journal)

** Langner-Wegscheider, BJ; Wagner, J; Weger, M; Haas, A; Mayer, M; Wedrich, A Acute posterior placoid chorioretinitis and panuveitis in syphilis patients
SPEKTRUM AUGENHEILKD. 2009; 23(5): 358-362.
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