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Presentations at scientific and public conferences

Gsell, MAF; Augustin, CM; Karabelas, E; Plank, G A 3D-0D closed-loop Model of the Heart and the Circulatory System
Discussion Contributions 10th Vienna Conference on Mathematical Modelling. 2022; -MATHMOD 2022; JUL 27-29, 2022; Vienna, AUSTRIA;. (ISBN: 978-3-901608-95-7 ) [Oral Communication]


Augustin, CM; Gsell, MAF; Karabelas, E; Plank, G A physiologically valid 3D-0D closed loop model of the heart and circulation
CompBioMed Conference 2021; SEP 15-17; London, UK. 2021. [Oral Communication]


Strocchi, M; Augustin, CM; Gsell, MAF; Karabelas, E; Neic, A; Gillette, K; Roney, CH; Razeghi, O; Behar, JM, Rinaldi, CA; Vigmond, EJ; Bishop, MJ; Plank, G; Niederer, SA The Effect of Ventricular Myofibre Orientation on Atrial Dynamics.
Lecture Notes in Computer Science. 2021; 12738: -International Conference on Functional Imaging and Modeling of the Heart; JUN 21-25, 2021; Stanford, USA. [Oral Communication]


Strocchi, M; Augustin, CM; Gsell, MAF; Karabelas, E; Neic, A; Gillette, K; Roney, CH; Razeghi, O; Behar, JM, Rinaldi, CA; Vigmond, EJ; Bishop, MJ; Plank, G; Niederer, SA. A Computational Framework For Electromechanics Simulations On A Four-chamber Heart.
Proceedings of SIMAI 2020+21. 2021; -Congress of the Italian Society of Applied and Industrial Mathematics (SIMAI); AUG 30-SEP 3, 2021; Parma, ITALY;. [Oral Communication]


Fuchsberger,J; Karabelas, E; Aigner, P; Schima, H; Haase, G; Plank, G Validation study of computational fluid dynamics models of hemodynamics in the human aorta 2019; -90th Annual Meeting of the International Association of Applied Mathematics and Mechanics GAMM 2019; FEB 18-22, 2019; Vienna, AUSTRIA. [Oral Communication]


Karabelas, E; Fuchsberger, J; Augustin, CM; Gsell, MAF; Neic, A; Haase, G; Plank, G Application of Algebraic Multigrid Preconditoned Block Solvers in a Validation Study of Simulating Human Heart Func- tion 2019; -19th Copper Mountain Conference On Multigrid Methods; März 24-28, 2019; Copper Mountain, Colorado, USA. [Oral Communication]


Augustin, CA; Karabelas, E; Gsell, MAF; Shadden, SC; Plank, G Patient-specific electro-mechano-fluidic models to study the impact of aortic valve disease and coarctations upon ventricular load
8th World Congress of Biomechanics (WCB2018); JUL 8-12, 2018; Dublin, IRELAND. 2018. [Oral Communication]


Karabelas, E; Plank, G Hemodynamics in the Left Ventricle
; MAY 30, 2017; Berkeley, USA. 2017. [Oral Communication]


Augustin, CM; Crozier, A; Karabelas, E; Neic, A; Prassl, AJ; Plank, G Simulating patient-specific whole heart electromechanics with efficient algebraic multigrid preconditioners.
International Symposium and Winter-School on Modeling, Adaptive Discretizations and Solvers for Fluid-Structure Interaction; JAN 11-15, 2016; Linz, AUSTRIA. 2016. [Oral Communication]


Karabelas, E CFD Modeling of the Human Aorta
SFB Statusseminar; APR 6-8, 2016; Admont. 2016. [Oral Communication]


Neic, A; Augustin, CM; Prassl, AJ; Crozier, A; Karabelas, E; Haase, G; Plank, G; Computing the heart beat - numerical challenges in solving the cardiac multiphysics problem with biophysically detailed anatomically accurate models of a human heart
Austrian HPC Meeting 2016; February 22-24, 2016; Grundlsee, Austria. 2016. [Oral Communication]


Karabelas, E Space-Time Methods for Moving Domains in 4D
Austrian Numerical Analysis Day; MAI 6-8, 2015; Linz, Austria. 2015. [Oral Communication]


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