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Presentations at scientific conferences

Bartl-Pokorny, KD; Pokorny, F; Wolin, T; Marschik, PB; Einspieler, C Eye-tracking in typically developing adolescents with different reading skills.
Proceedings of the 17th European Conference on Eye Movements. 2013; -17th European Conference on Eye Movements (ECEM 2013); AUG 11-16, 2013; Lund, SWEDEN. [Poster]


Marschik, PB; Wolin, T; Bartl, K; Vogrinec, G; Einspieler, C (Dis)similarities in early development: RTT = FXS = ASD?
Center for Autism & Related Disorders. Kickoff Meeting.; MAR 26, 2012; Baltimore, USA. 2012. [Oral Communication]


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