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Supervised Theses and Dissertations


Waller, M Isavuconazole Treatment in a Mixed Patient Cohort with Invasive Fungal Infections: Outcome, Tolerability and Clinical Implications of Isavuconazole Plasma Concentrations
Humanmedizin; [ Diplomarbeit ] Graz Medical University; 2021. pp. 64 [OPEN ACCESS]


Egger, M Invasive fungal infections in patients with hematological malignancies receiving ibrutinib therapy (INFINITY)
Humanmedizin; [ Diplomarbeit ] Medizinische Universität Graz; 2021. pp. 42 [OPEN ACCESS]



Herzeg, A Influence of open and laparoscopic abdominal surgery involving the intestinal tract on serum 1,3-ß-D-glucan (BDG) values
Humanmedizin; [ Diplomarbeit ] ; 2019. pp. 58 [OPEN ACCESS]


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