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Betreute Dissertationen und Diplomarbeiten


Hashemian Nik, D Role of the gluconeogenesis enzyme PCK2 in anchorage-independent growth of lung cancer cells
Humanmedizin; [ Diplomarbeit ] Medizinische Universitaet Graz; 2022. pp. 62 [OPEN ACCESS]



Haitzmann, T Dual inhibition of glycolysis and gluconeogenesis in lung cancer cells and spheroids.
[ Diplomarbeit/Master Thesis (UNI) ] FH Joanneum; 2021. pp.73.


Pocha, J Modulation of AKT signalling by the gluconeogenesis enzyme PCK2 in lung cancer cells
Humanmedizin; [ Diplomarbeit ] Medical University of Graz; 2021. pp. 52 [OPEN ACCESS]


Bluemel, G Regulation of the TCA cycle, respiration and redox balance by the gluconeogenesis enzyme PCK2 in starved lung cancer cells
PhD-Studium (Doctor of Philosophy); Humanmedizin; [ Dissertation ] Medizinische Universität Graz; 2021. pp. 76 [OPEN ACCESS]


Smolle, E Expression of gluconeogenesis and glycolysis markers in non-small cell lung cancer
Doktoratsstudium der Medizinischen Wissenschaft; Humanmedizin; [ Dissertation ] Medical University Graz; 2021. pp. 83 [OPEN ACCESS]



Lesko, J Metabolism in lung cancer: Ex vivo analysis with stabile isotope labelled tracers
Humanmedizin; [ Diplomarbeit ] Graz Medical University; 2018. pp. 46 [OPEN ACCESS]



Wieser, B Regulation of Phosphoenolpyruvate Carboxykinase Expression in Lung Cancer Cells.
[ Diplomarbeit/Master Thesis (UNI) ] Graz University of Technology; 2016. pp.63.



Hirschmugl, B Influence of the potassium channel TASK-1 on proliferation and apoptosis in non-small cell lung cancer cell lines.
[ Diplomarbeit/Master Thesis (UNI) ] Karl-Franzens-Universität Graz; 2012. pp.42.


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