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Division of Immunology

Univ.-Prof. Herbert Strobl
Heinrichstraße 31a
8010 Graz
EMail: herbert.strobl(at)
Tel: 380 4290

Mission Statement

Pathophysiology is, by definition, the science of the mechanisms of disease. Without it, progress in prevention, diagnosis, and therapy are left to chance. Yet, among medical disciplines, it is one of the youngest because scientific concepts of disease, based on direct observation of diseased organs, developed only in the last 150 years. Once normal molecules, cells, and organs have been damaged, the result of the injury manifests itself by distortions of behavior at the molecular, cellular, and organ levels. The study of these injuries and reactions to injuries constitutes a body of knowledge well worth mastering for its own sake. Students, however, must also learn to use the existing tools or develop the new tools needed to dissect the events that follow injury. A combined education in breadth and depth is indispensable; it is this education, as it is applied to injuries and reaction to injuries, that is the goal of the education program in Functional Pathology.
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