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Division of Medical Physics and Biophysics

Univ.-Prof. Mag.pharm. Dr.rer.nat. Klaus Groschner
Neue Stiftingtalstraße 6(MC1.D.)/IV
8010 Graz
EMail: biophysik(at)
Tel: +43/316/ 385-71501

Mission Statement

The institute for biophysics is a preclinical institute at the medical university Graz and has its main focus on research and teaching.

Most of the research is in the fields of medical physics and biophysics and interdisciplinary basic research. The main focus is in the medically relevant fields of cardiovascular and neurophysical research. Methodically we focus on engineering of useful systems of measurement and the application of computer supported analysis and simulation.

Main fields of research are at this time:

* Patch-clamp techniques on human heart muscle cells

* Molecular physiology of ion channels and signal transduction

* Measurement of microscopic activation potential propagation in heart preparations and the whole heart

* Computer modelling and simulation of electrical and mechanical processes in the heart

* Digital image processing and non-linear morphology

* Measurement of cell movement and invasion of cell spheroids

* Optical measurement of potentials in heart preparations

The curriculum (syllabus) contains the basic physical principles in medicine and is to impart knowledge about the basic principles of natural sciences. We attach great importance to application-orientated teaching with use of new media. The theoretical subjects taught are supplemented and deepened in practical teaching units in form of small groups.

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